The right artwork sets a solid foundation for high quality print.

The quality of your artwork can affect your finished print so it is important to get the foundations right. Astley can advise on design and layout depending on the substrate and audience for your project.


Our designers have vast experience of preparing artwork for print and provided it is supplied at the correct resolution, our design department can accept files saved in InDesign, Quark, EPS, TIFF and JPEG format.


You can send files via the Astley FTP site:  Please contact the sales or production department for log in details. You can upload files to our FTP server using any ftp client software.


You can also use online services such as, or  These sites allow you to upload your artwork to a secure storage area.  Once completed, you will need to email us with a link to access the artwork. 


Setting up files for print

File Formats
Supplying Files